I love seaplanes. I think it’s incredibly cool to be able to land anywhere there’s a large enough body of water. This is why I want to get a pilot’s license. Just so I can get a seaplane rating, and head out to sea.

Travelers in Vancouver, BC:

The seaplane airfield in Sechelt, BC:

This next one has a good story behind it. On this plane were a Cowboy American couple, heading to Whistler for vacation, and an old man in a nice suit. We boarded the plane, and were talking about who should sit in the copilot’s seat (which is usually held by a passenger on these tiny planes).

Cowboy: “Anyone know how to fly?
Old man: “I can.”
Cowboy: “Oh? Did you fly in the war?”
The old man nods his head.
Cowboy: “Did you shoot down many Germans?”
The old man chuckles and says, in a barely-perceptable-but-obviously-there german accent, “No, not many.”

Seaplane, coming to take me away from Narrows Inlet:

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  1. An awesome trip, by the sounds of it! In fact, I hope to take a trip like this some day. Cool shots also…I especially like the top one “travelers”!

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