It’s bigger than this, actually, but it’s a start.

Jeremy Bowers (author of iRights) is doing great work on connecting Jabber to Radio. Lots of mind bombs here. Most of the IM crowd can’t see beyond simple chat etc., but the real gold is in making connections possible. Connecting desktop Web apps is the future of Jabber. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

We’re actually going to hook lots of non-web apps together, too. Jabber is what DCE, CORBA, RMI, etc., could have been if they were open, simple, and had a natural ability to span firewalls, yet still be secure.

Now, IM is a way that we get our platform promulgated, but it’s also a key feature that other application-integration approaches don’t have. If users are running an application to chat with their friends, and tell if their friends are online, applications can use the same services to interact with users…

Jabber brings users and applications together with applications and users.

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