Is there a perl module for generating sendmail-style QID strings? That would be useful for any queuing system, especially the Jabber message queuer. If you encoded the time in there (in hex?) you could insure chronological order. I’m thinking jabber queue client here.

If you want an unprivileged process to be able to signal a privileged process in a well defined way, you can create a directory of “switches”. Files that the unprivileged can touch, and that the privileged can see. If you watch that directory with DNOTIFY, then the privileged process would know about the change in real time.

Logsurfer would make a great event correlation engine. Send all events into a log file (or set of log files) on a single host, and write logic to trigger events if events happen in order, or don’t happen within time periods of each other. Send as many events as possible through it. Start off with simple logic, then write tools to generate more complicated logic.

While we’re underestimating the amount of work involved in writing an event correlator, write a set of rules for every daemon. Write event generators for every daemon. Make “init” spawn events when processes start and stop! Write logsurfer rules on each client to generate events that go to The Correlator.

In Host Configuration Directories, like UMLazi uses, we don’t have a way of “commenting out” values. We can rename them to .files though!

Fluxbox lets you tab together xterms and other windows. What if it gave you the ability to mirror xevents to windows that were tabbed together? What’s stopping us from writing an X application that does that does that?

It would be freaking awesome if “screen” and “xterm” were aware of each other. So that you could use the xterm scrollbar (and thus, a mousewheel) to scroll back through screen history.

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