November 1st, I start working for Nike in Beaverton, OR. I have very little idea of what I’ll be doing (outside of normal sysadmin stuff), but I do know that every time I’m paged out of bed, I’ll be getting paid for it. Yay contracting.

This marks the beginning of my return to Portland, which means, in no particular order:
* Selling the house in Tampa.
* Figuring out the bus system between home and work
* Making a good impression on my coworkers
* Distilling my possessions down to the absolute minimum, and shipping those to Portland.
* Finding a place to live in Portland.
* Re-examining my investment goals to take into account my new income.

I had a wisdom tooth removed Tuesday, and dang did that suck. Not so much the procedure, but the recovery. It wasn’t as bad as it might’ve been (pain was tolerable without Vicodin in just 8 hours), but I still have this oozing open wound in my mouth that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t dare chew with that side of my mouth. I don’t know how long I’m supposed to go easy on it. They say the stitches will dissolve in 9-14 days, and I’ll be fully recovered in 6-9 weeks. I guess I just have to be careful for a while!

Oh, the procedure for a tooth extraction (when the tooth is already all the way in) goes something like this:
* X-Ray
* Lidocaine
* Novocaine
* More novocaine
* Blindfold
* A rubber block in your mouth, to keep you from biting the dentist.
* A bunch of yanking
* Stitches
* About an hour of numbness, after which you damn well better have some vicodin in your system.

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