Okay, I’ve got four main projects going on right now.

  1. UMLazi – It’s almost time for another release. Wahoo!
  2. UMLFaq – This is going nowhere fast. I want this to be a compendium of UML knowledge, but thus far I’ve only posted a single entry. It takes a lot of energy to write FAQs.
  3. UMLForge – I don’t know what to do with this. I pictured it as a place where people could just request a UML. The problem with that is that they could be used for evil, and that I would rapidly run out of processor and memory for new UMLs. The answer to this might be to set up a timesharing system. Request a UML, and it’ll create one and stick your Public Key on it. You get it for an hour. After that, it suspends to disk, and you have to request more time. That could be fun. I don’t know how useful it would be. Hey, what if this was a UMLForge system, where anyone could set up one of their machines as a UMLForge Node, and contribute UMLs to the common good? Hmm.. Again with the usefulness test: What good is a temporary UML? What problem does this solve?
  4. The Jabber Monitoring and Management System – Sysadmins write tons of custom scripts and processes in order to automate their jobs, but the monitoring around those scripts and processes is almost always either nonexistent or sub-par. We need a better way to discover problems, notify the appropriate personnel, and automatically fix when possible.

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