Neither this page, nor my gallery get many hits, so I sometimes let the webserver logs scroll in the background while I work, just to see what people are hitting. Most people get here through a link, or a Photo Friday” entry. Usually they just look at the picture linked, and sometimes the ones before and after it.

Occasionally, though, someone will spend a great deal of time browsing around. For instance, for the last two nights I’ve been visited by someone coming in on a Kuwait IP address. On both nights they spent over an hour wandering around the albums. Well, tonight I joined them. Whenever they’d go to a new page, I’d follow. It was fascinating, seeing what they saw. What pictures did they like? On the first night they did a search for “sunrise” and “sunset”, then spent a long time in the Lomo album. They liked the rain pictures enough to download the full image, which had to take forever considering the ping times. Who were they? A Kuwaiti curious about a slice of Florida life? A US citizen stationed in Kuwait? Since they came from two different IP addresses on the same subnet, I pictured them in an Internet cafe’. It was 10 in the morning in Kuwait.

It’s a funny feeling when someone spends a lot of time looking at your pictures. I wonder what we have in common.

Okay, obligatory photos. This /is/ a photoblog after all.

This was one of about two hundred pictures I took while feeding the seagulls. If you ever want to see a flock of seagulls like this, all you have to do is take a piece of food– any food– go to the beach and give it to the nearest seagull. Every single seagull on the beach will come flying. It’s like they have a psychic food connection.

I used stale cornchips. They didn’t seem to mind.

Bird Posse:
Them birds got some funny expressions.

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  1. That first shot of the seagulls is killer! I tried doing the same shot in Clearwater last summer, but it was overcast and didn’t come out the way I wanted. BTW, the photo of the woman in the rain is timeless.

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