This weekend I went to International Plaza with my wife and her parents. I haven’t gotten out in a while, and welcomed the opportunity to go take some pictures. After wandering around for almost an hour and not getting anything great, we went outside to the open-air wing of Internation Plaza. My luck changed when the sky opened up:

I was estatic. I really like pictures of people against the elements.

Of course, once it started raining, the family wanted to head back inside, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I probably could have. We wandered around for a little while longer, ate at a mall restaurant, and went back to the car to drive home.

On the way out of the parking lot, a fox ran acoss our path! I stopped the car right in the middle of the road and lept out to take pictures:

It looked skinny, and it wasn’t at all disturbed by my presence. Some of these pictures were taken from under 10 feet away.

So, not a great weekend for photography, but not bad either.

5 thoughts on “International Plaza Mall, Tampa, FL

  1. Neat! We used to have one near our institute. No traces of him this year and the groundhog population has consequently exploded.

  2. both cool photos — the fox is very surreal — the black and white is done so well… really nice…

  3. as a biologist the fox would catch my eye but the girl holding the newspaper over the head to protect her against the raging elements is just perfect :-)
    love the way you managed to capture the traces of rain, almost like we were there also :-)
    well done indeed

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