So, now that I have enough good photos, I can print some out and hang them on the wall. I knew this day would come, so back when I bought my Canon EOS 300D, I also bought a whole bunch of Staples photo paper. 200 sheets of 4×6 Premium Photo Paper, and 100 sheets of 8.5×11 Professional High Gloss Photo Paper. They were having a two-for-one sale, and I was obviously in some kind of weakened condition that left me open to buying massive amounts of photo paper.

I’ve done some prints before , and they’ve come out all hazy and muddy. The saturation was all wrong, and the pictures seemed… flat. I figured I just wasn’t editing the pictures correctly, and that even though they were pretty and bright on the screen, I’d have to make them even brighter and more saturated to get the effect on paper. I was sure this was going to suck.

So I gave up printing for a while. No need to waste ink trying to figure out how I was going to have to edit a picture in order to have it come out good on the printer. After all, it was more important to me that my photos look good online than on paper. Still, Liz would occasionally ask me to print something out to send to a friend, and I’d do it, look at the result, and gag. This was embarassing.

Today I got some pictures of a Mall Fox and Liz wanted a print so she could mail it to a friend. Once again, it came out crappy and embarassing, so I took some time. to experiment and figure it out.

The problem was with the Color Management. What I needed to do in Photoshop CS when printing was:
* File -> Print with Preview
* “Show More Options”
* “Color Management”
* Print Space, Profile: “BJ Color Printer Profile 2000″
* Print Space, Intent: “Perceptual”
* I left “Use Black Point Compensation” checked.

MUCH nicer result. The colors are clear, and the haziness is completely gone. Hooray for color profiles!

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